Prosthodontics Research

Prosthodontics Group

of the International Association for Dental Research

2010 Barcelona

2011 San Diego

2012 Iguaçu Falls

2013 Seattle

Clinical Topics in Prosthodontic Research I

Prosthodontics Research (PDS)

Clinical Interventional Studies

Clinical Interventional Studies; Implant-retained Prostheses

Clinical Topics in Prosthodontic Research II

Clinical Topics in Prosthodontics Research

Clinical Interventional Fixed and Implant-retained Prosthesis Studies

Clinical Studies, Edentate Patients

Clinical Performance: All-ceramic Restorations

Long Term Clinical Outcome of Prosthodontic Treatment

Clinical non-interventional studies

Clinical Interventional Studies; Fixed Prostheses [CLINICIAN TRACK]

Clinical Topics in Prosthodontic Research III

Topics in Prosthodontic Research

Clinical Non-interventional Studies

Clinical Interventional Studies; Removable Prostheses [CLINICIAN TRACK]

Clinical Topics in Prosthodontic Research IV



Clinical Studies, Partially Dentate

Veneer-core Properties in All-ceramic Restorations

Performance Simulation and Physical Properties of Zirconia

Fixed Prosthodontics Laboratory Research

Fixed Prosthodontics Laboratory Research

Margin and Internal Fit of Restorations

Ceramics Properties and Performance; Luting Cements

Fixed Prosthodontics Laboratory Research II

Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics Laboratory Research

Impression Materials & Techniques

Mechanical Properties and Performance of Zirconia Based Restorations

Prosthodontic Materials Laboratory Research

Prosthodontics Materials Laboratory Research

Factors in Clinical Success

Fatigue and Temperature Effect on Properties of Contemporary Restorative Ceramics

Prosthodontic Materials Laboratory Research






Restoration of Pulpless Teeth

Restoration of Pulpless Teeth


Implant Prosthodontics Biology Research

Osteogenesis, Biological Effects

Evaluation of Treatment Methodologies for Restoring Pulpless Teeth



Implant-supported Restorations


Clinical Interventional Removable Prosthesis Studies


Implant-supported Restorations II


Removable Prosthodontics Laboratory Research




Removable Prosthodontic Research

Occlusion & Mastication

Edentulous Patients

Removable Prosthodontics


Digital Prosthodontics Research and Maxillofacial Prosthetics

Resins and Composites I

Complete Dentures and Overdentures - Properties and and Clinical Performance


Scientific Research in Prosthodontics (PDS)

Resins and Composites II



Implant Prosthodontics Laboratory Research



Implant Prosthodontics Laboratory Research

Digital Prosthodontics Research

Smile Esthetics, Appearance


Implant Prosthodontics Laboratory Research II

Implant Prosthodontics Laboratory Research



Implant Prosthodontic Biomechanics Research


ACTA Odontologica Prize Lecture and Occlusion, TMD, and Quality of Life








Ceramics and CAD-CAM

CAD-CAM Technology; Properties of Prostheses




Dental Implants