The IADR Prosthodontics Group is one of the oldest groups in IADR and has over the years included abstracts on every aspects of prosthodontics research. Prosthodontics is a dynamic research field spanning from in vitro laboratory research, animal research, theoretical engineering, clinical research and epidemiology. Around 60 –220 abstracts are received every year for the annual IADR meeting.

As of June 2022, the IADR Prosthodontics Group has 619 members (374 full members, 230 student members, 15 retired members).

Current Officers

Kenneth Kurtz 2021-2022 United States [email protected]
Edmond Pow 2021-2022 Hong Kong [email protected]
Mijin Choi 2021-2022 United States [email protected]
Immediate Past President      
Lindsay Richards 2021-2022 Australia [email protected]
David Bartlett 2019-2022 England [email protected] 
Wedad Hammoudi 2021-2024 Sweden [email protected]
Neal Garett Award Chair
Frauke Müller 2019-2022 Switzerland [email protected]
Frechette Award Chair      
Stephen Rosenstiel 2018-2022 United States [email protected]
Pre-Prosthetic Regenerative Award Chair      
Manabu Kanazawa 2019-2022 Japan [email protected]
Manabu Kanazawa 2019-2022 Japan [email protected]
Sreenivas Koka 2020-2023 United States [email protected]
Petros Koidis 2020-2023 Greece [email protected]
Sompop Bencharit 2021-2024 United States [email protected]
Symposium Organizer/Program Chair      
Sompop Bencharit 2021-2022 United States [email protected]
Website Editor      
Sompop Bencharit 2022-2024 United States [email protected]
IADR/AADR Abstract Reviewer       
Damian Lee 2021-2022 United State [email protected]
Kenneth Kurtz 2021-2022 United States [email protected]
Stephen Rosenstiel 2021-2022 United States [email protected]


Responsibilities of the individual members of the Board